El Sel’i International is a dynamic, fast growing oil & gas service provider with a global outlook in an Indigenous Turnkey EPC Service Company in Nigeria. It specializes in engineering, supply and fabrication of offshore and onshore structures for Oil & Gas industry with complete commitment to health, safety and environment.

Engineering services are provided in-house and sometimes in conjunction with other foreign or local reputable engineering companies as technical partners. Our Construction services include all fabrication works, pipe laying, installing of automated and manual pumps on facilities.
In addition to our services we also provide Pipe coating, pipe double jointing as well as relevant tests for a high quality final product, stress analysis for upgrading of existing platform and facility design with ease in operation and safety.. We provide outstanding services to address operational challenges facing operators in diverse sectors of the economy, most especially the oil & gas industry.

El Sel’i International also has uniquely developed in range of Solar and LED Street Lights with Intelligent Networking and Remote Maintenance Systems,thus ensuring a permanent means to constant supply of electricity to both urban and rural areas. The Solar Street Lighting is an off-grid and a renewable energy system that is designed to convert solar energy to electricity power. A solar device and LED bulbs are installed on each street light in order to provide constant electricity in the State,Cities and strategic Areas where they are intended to serve.

Each Solar Street light is installed with IBK LED bulbs. The IBK LED bulbs is a newtechnology which uses very low power to produce day-light brightness at night. This ensures that the entire road networks, towns and cities can be illuminated with Solar-LED bulbs at low-cost investment and without depending on national grid.

We provide our clients with an engineered solution for packaging of all rotating equipment to the most stringent standards. Full air flow rates, cooling and sound attenuation calculations and structural analysis are conducted as standard for each piece of equipment we package by a highly skilled and experienced team. We provide the highest quality and most durable equipment in order to offer the best solution to our clients to their project requirements.

In El Seli International, Maintenance and repair works are carried out after proper analysis and evaluation of existing structures. Engineering designs are done and construction effected after approval of design. It has a strong track record in redesigning and deck extension works in the upstream and downstream.

All designs carried out by El Seli International are done in accordance with generally accepted codes (ASME, ANSI VII, APS and other standard engineering codes) with health and safety rules as a watch tool.

Our vision is to be the market leader, lead servicing and preferred supplier across the Indigenous oil and gas industry.

The mission of Elseli International is to successfully engineer and deliver world class products that enhance oil and gas field development and protect life and assets.