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The project management team is made up of experienced and dedicated workforce responsible for the quality management system of our projects. The team follows a well laid-out process for project control and transmitting system that enables detailed documentation to be sent for review to client and final approval before IFC (Issue for Construction), thereby meeting all design and analytical standards with safety, health and environmental procedures unabridged. The team develops a detailed project schedule and utilizes the project progress reporting system to monitor project delivery dates to the satisfaction of our clients.

We have developed solutions that ensure the cost effective timely delivery of a variety of offshore buildings, from onsite support with engineering, procurement and management of Living Quarters and Technical Building construction to the turnkey...read more



The biggest issue with fluorescent lighting technology for illumination on onshore and offshore production applications is the constant shock & vibration which causes the bulbs to fail prematurely. In most cases, the maintenance associated with traditional lighting technologies is the driving force to convert, especially in hazardous areas where permitting, scaffolding, production down-time and supervision have significant costs associated with them. In high vibration or extreme ambient temperature type applications, most traditional lighting technologies often fail and will not reach their rated lifetime. Many customers that have installed HID or fluorescent type technologies will claim that the bulbs may only last a few months due to the extreme environments.

The energy savings for large oil & gas applications is massive. Typically a 400 watt HID light fixture can be replaced with an LED fixture around 175 watts...read more



  • Conceptual design

  • Civil structural works

  • Design of Pressure vessels

  • Piping plan, supply and code calculations

  • Flow station design (manifolds, valves, flow        meters and metric pumps)

  • General arrangement drawings/plot plan        drawing/as built drawings

  • Electrical and instrumentation designs

  • Process and piping design/ valve sizing

  • Lighting, design and installation.

  • Pumps, compressor and valve supply and        installation

  • About Us

    El Sel’i International is a dynamic, fast growing oil & gas service provider with a global outlook. We provide outstanding services to address operational challenges facing operators in diverse sectors of the economy, most especially the oil & gas industry.

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