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The biggest issue with fluorescent lighting technology for illumination on onshore and offshore production applications is the constant shock & vibration which causes the bulbs to fail prematurely. In most cases, the maintenance associated with traditional lighting technologies is the driving force to convert, especially in hazardous areas where permitting, scaffolding, production down-time and supervision have significant costs associated with them. In high vibration or extreme ambient temperature type applications, most traditional lighting technologies often fail and will not reach their rated lifetime. Many customers that have installed HID or fluorescent type technologies will claim that the bulbs may only last a few months due to the extreme environments.

The energy savings for large oil & gas applications is massive. Typically a 400 watt HID light fixture can be replaced with an LED fixture around 175 watts. In addition, the energy savings also directly correlates with carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions as well as providing the flexibility to add more lighting on a circuit to improve light levels.

In addition to the substantial maintenance savings, HWD has also realized significant fuel savings as well. With two massive diesel generators running in alternating 12-hour shifts, the company’s electricity cost computes to roughly $1 per kWh—a rate far higher than any utility provider in the United States. Even with specially-negotiated fuel rates, HWD’s fuel bill is a major chunk of its operating expenses.

LED ceiling panels are typically installed in the most frequented areas of the business environment. They are a comfortable light for employees to spend extended periods beneath, providing a natural-feeling illumination whilst not having the ‘glaring’ effect common in outdated fluorescent lighting. Open plan and reduced modern office designs, corridors, waiting rooms, patient treatment areas, leisure centres, and educational facilities can all benefit from the natural atmosphere created by LED ceiling panels.

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